Temple Smash — Behind the Scenes!

Lights…. Camera…. Action! Thursday nights in Annenberg Hall only means one thing—rehearsal for Temple’s very own live sketch-comedy show – Temple Smash. Nearly 60 cast and crew members spend 6 weeks rehearsing in the studio to perfect their sketches before performing them in front of a live studio audience of over 100 people. View More »
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From President to Professor Theobald

President Neil Theobald is getting a new title, as professor. No it’s not a conference meeting, it’s a freshman class. Once a week, President Theobald opens his doors at Sullivan Hall for twenty-four recipients of Temple University’s President Scholarship. The class showcases some of the many topics and issues he faces on a daily basis. View More »
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Annual Touchdown Toss

Although small in height, some of Temple’s biggest fans participated in Temple’s annual Touchdown Toss this past weekend. Despite the football team’s tough loss this past weekend, and even tougher season, some fans still look up to players as role models. View More »
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Black Hair Symposium

Temple’s African American Studies department held a black hair symposium in Gladfelter Hall. Local salons, students, and natural hair enthusiasts alike joined in a celebration of African American hair. Although legions of black women in America straighten their hair, hair salons specializing in natural styles have proliferated. View More »
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Cybernet Security

Cybernet Security has been one of the many aspects of daily life that Temple University has been striving students to improve on.  The many threats students could encounter online range from many forms of identity theft, to other internet traps called “phishing scams.” “It’s a very serious threat,” says Mike Stabinski, Head of Cyber Security. View More »