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Annual Touchdown Toss

Although small in height, some of Temple’s biggest fans participated in Temple’s annual Touchdown Toss this past weekend. Despite the football team’s tough loss this past weekend, and even tougher season, some fans still look up to players as role models. View More »

Military Appreciation

November is Military Appreciation Month, and the Temple community is doing what they can to make sure our Veteran’s know how much they are truly appreciated. Although Military Appreciation Month is a national recognition, what makes Temple’s celebration of our veterans and current soldiers so unique is the 690 members that belong to the Temple Veteran’s Association. View More »

The SEPTA/Diamond Dollar relationship a no-go

How would you like to hop on the subway, but instead of waiting in line to buy tokens, you just swipe your OwlCard? There has been talk around campus that this is likely to happen, but although there have been conversations about it between Temple University and SEPTA, the rumors that students will be able to use Diamond Dollars with SEPTA are exactly that. View More »