Exclusive Interview: Temple Dreamer Speaks Out

“We are people who have been living in the states for a very long time, many of us have graduated fro Pennsylvania high schools, paid Pennsylvania taxes, our parents have paid Pennsylvania taxes, we have contributed to a community and everything.”

Part of society, but living in uncertainty.

That’s the struggle 800,000 DACA students here at Temple and across the country every day.

And not only do they fear being deported, they fear that their hard earned degrees will be useless should their DACA applications be rescinded.

“If I graduate and then my DACA is rescinded I wont be able to use my degree so I will have to try to find a way of finding a work permit but its becoming very difficult to do so.”

Temple Student Government is leading the charge to let all students know they have support – by hosting town halls and other events to create an open dialogue.

“For us were just trying to get together with students who are really gonna work on this and are really going to put in the time to make sure DACA students are protected on campus. We are trying to figure out all different ways for the administration to hear us out and to understand the need on this campus to help DACA students.  It’s not a matter of DACA students contributing to the economy, it’s not a matter of DACA students already being here, its a matter of the fact that DACA students are a part of our community,” said Tyler Lum, TSG’s Director of Government Affairs. “So were gonna start off by just getting students together.  Were gonna try to reach out to orgs and other groups on campus that are really gonna be able to disperse information quickly.  And try and get as many students and faculty together to have a larger voice to bring up points to the administration”

“There’s a lot of people who get discouraged from even applying to temple because temple as of right they don’t have a clear policy on what their stance with DACA.”

Temple students protected under DACA can receive legal assistance from HIAS-PA at 2100 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa. They welcome walk in clients as well as scheduled appointments and can also help individuals with the reapplication process for DACA protection.

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