Stevie Wonder Performs in Center City for Hillary Clinton’s Campaign


As early a 1:30 P.M. on Saturday, November 5th, both supporters of the Hillary Clinton Campaign and devoted fans of Stevie Wonder filled up Walnut Street in Center City Philadelphia. These individuals hoped to be one of the only 600 supporters and fans that would be allowed into the CODA venue. The event was one of the many “Get Out the Vote” or GOTV events in order to promote the Clinton campaign and also encourage society to vote.

Not only were 600 fortunate enough to get into the club, but special guests consisting of members of the Clinton campaign and former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter were in attendance. Nutter spoke before the performance explaining how Wonder has a “generosity of spirit” and is “a living musical and social genius.” Those in attendance were in for a delightful performance coupled with positive remarks regarding Clinton.

Before his performance, Wonder addressed his audience that he is “hoping that you will show out and show up on Tuesday and vote for Hillary Clinton.” Wonder also commented on Trump by referring back to his once popular reality TV show and explaining “that the reality is that after this is said and done he should go back and do the reality show and say it was fun.” Throughout his performance, Wonder incorporated Hillary Clinton’s name into his popular songs as a way to smoothly advocate who people should vote for. Seconds before the start of his first song Wonder commented “I’m here because I love you and I know that ultimately the end purpose for us all its to become a united people of the world.”

Wonder then went on to play his ever so popular and beautiful song, “You are the Sunshine of My Life.” This was then followed by his other hits consisting of “Signed, Sealed Delivered,” “Sir Duke,” “Higher Ground,” and “Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing.” Other events, such as Katy Perry’s performance at the Mann Center on Saturday, will be taking place across the city encouraging people to show up to the polls on Tuesday.

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