27th Annual Outfest Hosted in Philly

For many LGBTQ members, it is often hard to find a place of comfort to be themselves. Events like Philadelphia’s 27th annual Outfest are designed for the LGTBQ community to come out essentially and have fun with friends and family. Drag shows, games, bar crawls were just some of the events that are featured at the 27th celebration of Outfest, which was hosted by Philly Pride, a local Gay Pride organization. View More »
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Council Proposes Bill To Hold Landlords, University Accountable For Students

A new ordinance proposed by Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke could hold the universities and landlords accountable for students’ behavior off-campus. If passed, the legislation would designate the area around Temple as an ‘educational housing district.’ The district already exists in areas around other universities in the city such as LaSalle and St. View More »