Becoming More Mindful: Workshop Gives Tips

It’s that time of the semester again. Fresh out of mid-terms and with finals right around the corner, many students are feeling bogged down. Dr. Kim Chestnut, Director of the Wellness Resource Center, gave some tips to students and student organization leaders at a workshop recently to quell the stress. View More »

Temple Under Investigation for Title IX Compliance Following Athletic Cuts Announcement

  Since the December announcement that 7 varsity sports are on the chopping block, Temple University is now the subject of a federal investigation regarding its Title IX Compliance. This investigation followed a complaint of possible gender equality issues to the Department of Education Office for Civl Rights, citing issues with locker rooms, facilities, housing and dining services, as well as financial assistance within the athletics department. View More »

The SEPTA/Diamond Dollar relationship a no-go

How would you like to hop on the subway, but instead of waiting in line to buy tokens, you just swipe your OwlCard? There has been talk around campus that this is likely to happen, but although there have been conversations about it between Temple University and SEPTA, the rumors that students will be able to use Diamond Dollars with SEPTA are exactly that. View More »